News: June - September 2005

30 September 2005.

This week 29 has been running on Footplate Awareness courses from Grosmont.

We have just been informed that she is stopped with a hole in the main steam pipe inside the smoke box. The encouraging news is that the NYMR engineers should have her fixed in time for a NELPG special due to run on the 8th October. With the P3 and B1 not available it would be excellent to repay NELPG's kind loan of their P3 for our Lambton Worm Special which we ran last year.

22 September 2005.

Great News!!! 29 ran yesterday without any problems. This is the first time since she came back from Ian Riley's workshop in July. We should see her running on a regularly on the NYMR soon.

22 August 2005.

29 is now back at Grosmont with her connecting rods removed. The new bearings are a bit tight resulting in them running hot. The rods have been sent to Bury for some additional machining. Once they are returned we can start the process of running her in gently.

Unfortunately it is unlikely she will be run-in in time to go to the KESR for this summer. This will almost certainly happen for the summer 2006.

LLT 20th August 2005

20 July 2005. 29 arrived back home at the NYMR today.

Good news at last! 29's repairs are complete and she is now back on NYMR metals.

We will have to wait for a boiler examination from our insurers before we can see her in steam. Additionally she will require a good clean and polish to remove the dirt and corrosion built up whilst stored in the open at Bury.

LLT 20th July 2005

NYMR for 4th July 2005?

Ian Riley stated re-assembling No29 at 1700hrs on Tuesday 21st June. We should see her back on NYMR metals on 4th July if all goes to plan.

29 made a surprise appearance on page 17 of Steam Railway No 311 June 17th - July 14th. She can be seen behind No 6201 Princess Elizabeth whilst the Stanier 4-6-2 was lifted off her wheels for retyring.
No 29. February 1969.
Photograph: Major WB Greenfield.
The date of the picture is not known, but is believed to be around 1968/69.
Location is Lambton Coke Works during the colder part of the year!
Thank you to Geoff Plumb for supplying the photograph.
LLT 23rd June 2003