Test Run Thursday 17th November 2005

Test Run with No 29 Thursday 17th November 2005.

The plan for test on Thursday was to go light engine and brakevan to Pickering Newbridge and return to Grosmont shed hauling 75029 which had just returned from Ian Riley's workshops.

The outward journey was delayed because of engineering works trains and we departed just before 3 pm.

A stop was made at Green End to feel round the bearings and everything was O K. Whilst the token was exchanged at Goathland another feel round found that both trailing crank pins were hand warm and these remain at the same temperature for the rest of the journey. We stopped at Fen Bog, Newtondale, Levisham and Farwath.

29 ran all the way to Pickering at speeds between 20-25mph and on arrival took water in the station.

We then returned to Newbridge and shunted 75029 ( big 29 ) between little 29 and the brake van and set off back at around 4-45hrs.

We stopped at near Kingthorpe to examine Big 29 and again at Farwath and were we examined both loco's and found the left trailing crank pin on 29 was running a little warmer, but when we stopped at Levisham it was back to hand warm.

The train had to stand at Levisham for about 25 minutes awaiting the return of the engineering train from Goathland. Once the train had passed we set off again and stopped at Newtondale and both loco's were O K and the crank pins were no warmer than before and another stop was made at Goathland.

The weight of big 29 is around 125 tons plus the 20 ton brakevan giving a total weight of around 145 ton which is equal to five coaches.

The speed was kept down to 15-20mph but 29 could have gone faster.

29 steamed O K , rode well and the valve setting seamed to be correct as she sounded lovely.

We arrived back at Grosmont shed just after 7 pm and filled the boiler to capacity and let the fire die out instead of throwing it out because the weather forecast said it was going to be very frosty and it was minus 4.

The next planned outings are the Santa Specials in December and if everything is O K I will plan a Lambton Worm Special as soon as I can for our Trust members and guests.

Chris Cubitt. Lambton Locomotives Trust.

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