News: 1st April 2007

Initial work on No5

During December 2006 the Railway Trust allocated £2500 to fund explorative work on No 5 in order to evaluate the cost to return her to service. Additionally the Nigel Gresley Raffle will be donating half of the proceeds towards No5ís overhaul (previously this went to Eric Tracy).

Some small fittings have been removed from No5, the first major job being to place the radial truck over the new NYMR wheel drop to remove the axel that will need replacing. It is hoped that the driving axel recently removed from No29 will be of sufficient size to machine down to be used as No5ís radial axel. This should happen in the next 2 months once the wheel drop is complete

29's Boiler certificate extended

No29's 10 year Boiler certificate run out in February. The boiler inspector has given us an extension to the end of 2007 provided 29 is only used on the NYMR. The boiler will then need to be lifted out of the frames for it's 10 year overhaul. The good news is that other than the boiler no major work will be required on 29.