News 1st April 2003

Photographs Keith Pardey

The boiler work is progressing well since the last news update with the new tubes and boiler cladding being fitted.

The fire box tube plate. If you look closely at the tube ends you will see some copper rings inserted. The tubes will be expanded onto these rings which will make a seal.

Click the image for a close up view.
Firebox Tube Plate Showing New tubes
Phil Naylor admires his handywork after expanding and beading the tube ends.

Click the image for a close up view.
Phil Naylor Inspecting
The firebox crown showing hole for fusible plug bush.

Fire box crown
Phil tapping the new bush after welding. This is because when the bushes are made we screwcut the threads to ¾ of their depth to allow for welding distortion.
The outer fire box lagging re fitted. Lagging refitted
The cladding refitted. Cladding re fitted