News March 2004

After we had dismantled the motion a decision was taken that in order to ease the work load on Grosmont MPD, and speed up the overhaul of the bottom end, the work should be carried out at Ian Riley's workshops in Bury.

During the last week of November 2003 No 29 was towed by 80135 to New Bridge and transported to Bury by road.

She has been lifted from her wheel sets so that the wheels can be re-tyred. The 6 driving wheel tyres we had in stock were delivered by road and new radial truck tyres were ordered in at the end of 2003 which were on a 6 week lead time.

Once work on Ian Riley's class 5 was completed towards the end of February work started on 29 in earnest. It was discovered that the trailing axel was down to scrapping size and a new axel has been ordered. This will take about 6 weeks to be delivered which unfortunately means that 29 will not be complete in time to attend RailFeast at the NRM 29th May to 6th June. The right hand side driving axel box crown bearing was broken in half an 3 others were found to be cracked. These have been returned to Grosmont so that patterns can be made to manufacture 8 new bearings for all the driving axels and radial truck.

No29 is 100 years old in 2004, we are hoping to run a special for the old Lambton railway men in June to celebrate her birthday. This is still to be confirmed as we would like to use 29 to haul the train, however due to the extended overhaul time scales and the fact that she due to travel to the Kent & East Sussex Railway in August an alternative locomotive may have to be used. Once we have some firm dates for the special and the visit to the Kent & East Sussex Railway we will publish here.

LLT 31st March 2004