19th January 2003
2nd / 14th February 2003
23rd February 2003
1st April 2003
Back in steam 10th April 2003
Awaiting Repair 17th October 2003  
In the Workshop 1st November 2003  
At Ian Riley's 31st March 2004  
No5 Donated to Lambton Locomotives trust 9th April 2004  
Back in steam for December. 27th November 2004  
Still at Bury, Kent for the summer. 23rd April 2005.  
Work starts to re-assemble 29 at Bury. 23rd June 2005.  
Back on NYMR Metals. 20th July 2005.  
Running Hot!  
Back Running on the NYMR. 22nd September 2005  
Leaking steam pipe. 30th September 2005  
Test Run with No 29 Thursday 17th November 2005  
Annual day out 18th March 2006  
30th April 2006. 29 confirmed for Kent and East Sussex Railway  
K&ESR Running dates confirmed  
K&ESR Photographs. 18th August 2006.  
News update 1st April 2007  
New Firebox for 29. 30th December 2007