Photograph: Geoff Plumb

LH&JCR 0-6-2T No.29 (Kitson 1904) sits in the platform at Pickering station on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway having arrived with "The Lambton Worm", double round trip from Grosmont to celebrate the engine's 102nd birthday with the Lambton Locomotives Trust party on board. Saturday 18th March 2006. The train consisted of three LNER Gresley teak coaches. The photos are a "Stereo Pair", and thus when looked at correctly, form a 3D image. In order to view this image, sit well back from your screen, look at the join between the two photos and then attempt to go "cross eyed", focusing your eyes just beyond the end of your nose as it were. It takes some practice, but eventually the two images will merge in the middle and produce the 3D image in the centre (you will still see images to the left and right of the 3D image). Once you have got it, yours eyes will "lock-on" and you can look around inside the image. Enjoy, but don't strain your eyes! Unfortunately, the technique used for producing this image cannot be used for moving trains!"

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